Awani makes international award winning tropical fruit preserves on the island of Bali in Indonesia. We are known for the real, pure flavours of tropical fruit in our jams, marmalades and honey. 

We source the best tropical fruit from trusted farmers across Indonesia and make all our preserves by hand at our kitchen in Luwus in the volcanic highlands of Bali. We support Balinese artisans  by packaging our food gifts with exquisite hand crafted batik and basketry.

Welcome to our exotic island of fertile volcanic landscapes, lush rice terraces amid tropical jungles, and the elegant traditions of Balinese culture and craftsmanship.

We would love to take you on a tour of our world! 



“These are without a doubt the most delicious tropically flavoured jams I’ve ever eaten!”

“Haven’t been able to stop thinking about Pink Guava, and your Tangerine Lady Marmalade”

“The Best Jam In The World! It exudes the flavour of the fruit itself with sheer naturalness.”

“Guava Jam pink – I tried a lot of them – this one is fantastic…!”

“The lime and ginger is perhaps one of the best marmalade I have ever tasted, it’s a perfect combination…. Highly recommend

“Very fresh, it sings!” – Lime Marmalade
“Honeyed, amazing fine peel, like angel hair” – Balinese Tangerine Marmalade

“I refuse to eat any other honey but Awani’s for the rest of my life…it’s some of the world’s best honey :)”

“I discovered your guava jam 2 years ago in Bali. This is my absolute favourite jam in the whole world!”


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