The inspiration for Awani’s tropical fruit preserves comes from our home, the island of Bali, where Balinese culture places great importance on doing things with care, refinement and elegance.

A visitor to Bali is enchanted not only by majestic volcanoes, terraced rice fields and the rituals of the island’s colourful religious festivals, but also by attention to detail in all aspects of Balinese life, whether offerings of flowers for the temple, or workmanship in a stone carving or piece of wooden furniture.

In the tradition of creating something of beauty by hand, we create each jar by hand, and Awani’s label and package designs are inspired by the wonderful aesthetic of Balinese artistry and culture.

Our Black and White “Poleng” Labels

Hand wrapping an Awani poleng gift set

Our labels are inspired by the poleng textile that is uniquely Balinese. You can see the distinctive black and white poleng cloth everywhere in Bali, wrapped around statues, drums, trees, rocks and even people.

The white and black thread represent good and evil in the world. They are woven together and where they merge to become grey is how the Balinese view life: a balance of good and evil.

Indonesian Batik Motifs

Awani batik postcard

Batik is part of Indonesia’s heritage and recognised by UNESCO. Wax is used to draw patterns on batik cloth which is then dyed to create the finished cloth. The delicate motifs on our gift boxes feature tropical fruit flowers including tamarillo, mango and tangerine, that grow in the Indonesian archipelago.

Batik designs vary, from the classic geometric patterns and muted colours of batik from Central Java, to the designs of Balinese craftsmen who combine traditional wax and dye techniques with tie-dye which gives the batik its gentle colour layering. Natural motifs inherent to Bali, like leaves and flowers, now appear alongside patterns influenced by tourism and modern life.

Flowers often feature on batik cloth and reflect a strong connection to nature, which plays a pivotal role in Balinese spiritual life. Batik wax printing is emblematic of the fine workmanship and artistry of Indonesian art and culture.