When you taste our tropical fruit flavours, we would like you to taste real tropical fruit as if you were picking it fresh from a tree or bush in Bali.

A Lush and Fertile Terrain


Indonesia is part of the volcanic Ring of Fire that circles the Pacific Rim. Here, delicious tropical fruit grows profusely, encouraged by the nourishment of intensely fertile soil and cycles of tropical sunshine and monsoon rainfall.

Our Balinese kitchen sits in the grounds of a beautiful little farm, a typical example of a Balinese mixed farm, self-sustaining with many different types of fruit trees as well as cacao trees and coffee bushes, and the spectacular orchids and heliconia that grow wild and profusely in Indonesia.

Being in the highlands, during the summer months, we escape the fervid humidity experienced on the coast. However, in “winter” from May to September, often the air sometimes becomes so cool in the early morning and evenings that our staff put on their woollies to come to work wearing hat, scarf and gloves when the temperature is an arctic 20 degrees!

Provenance of our Tropical Fruit

awani-pineapples-in-basketOur lush environment sets the scene for coaxing gorgeous tropical fruit into the delicious flavours experienced in our preserves and condiments.

We have built up a network of independent farmer suppliers in Bali and other Indonesian islands who pick fruit late for us, ensuring that we are working with the ripest, sweetest fruit when it arrives at our kitchen. Being close to the tropical fruit farms both in Bali and surrounding islands means we can quickly transport the fruit to our kitchens to maintain its flavour and freshness.

Working with our Hands

Pink Guava Delivery HandsortedEvery jar of Awani jam and marmalade is handmade, from the preparation of the fruit, to cooking, to bottling and labelling.

We sort through each piece of fruit by hand, and this enables us to create consistent flavours in our jams, marmalades and jellies. As soon as a new batch of fruit arrives, we peel, cut and prepare the fruit for cooking, or freezing. In either case, what is critical is to capture the best flavours in this late picked tropical fruit.

In the cooking process, the fruit is carefully cooked in small batches, entirely by hand to maintain its delicate flavours.

awani-lime-choppingWe bring out the best flavour by using the inherent characteristics of the fruit itself, and balancing these flavours with natural cane sugar, and lime juice and achieving the optimal consistency with fruit pectin.

Our tropical fruit preserves are all entirely natural and preservative free.