Behind the business of making tropical fruit preserves is a tightly knit team, and many of our staff have worked with Awani since we started life in 2007.

Foremost for our team, is to create the best tropical fruit preserves that we can. The organisational and cultural framework around this goal embraces several components that Awani considers elemental to running a business.

We seek to do everything in our business respectfully and responsibly. An important feature of this is to blend the best of traditional practices in Balinese life and culture, with the needs and demands of operating a sustainable and profitable business.

Our approach to working with our staff, our wider network of farmers and suppliers, and our local communities, is guided by finding the best way forward where there is growth and benefit for everyone.

We believe this approach is core to the sustainability of Awani and its communities.

Elegant Sustainable Products

awani-jars-in-natureOur aim is to create a great quality, innovative food product in Bali, one that is recognised for its flavour and distinctiveness. To do this, we are able to use one of our most wonderful, indigenous, renewable natural resources, tropical fruit.

The design for our packaging is influenced by the beauty of Balinese cultural references in domestic and religious life. We try to take the spirit of important cultural icons or traditions and update them while adhering to the Balinese axiom of doing everything with care, aesthetic consideration and attention to detail. 

At Home in our Balinese Garden

awani-kitchenOur kitchen sits in a Balinese mixed farm where a variety of tropical fruit trees grow, alongside wild orchids, cacao and coffee. We have converted a traditional Balinese eight-pillared wooden building into a spacious, modern kitchen while maintaining the spirit of the original structure. The exterior wood and red brick features of the original building remain. In updating the interior, we have strictly applied international standards of production and hygiene.

Building Confidence and Ownership

awani-training-sessionAt our highland kitchen, our staff is from the local village and are part of a strong community at home and at Awani. It is a happy place and we have a culture of support and continual learning, often through older staff nurturing new, and younger staff. There is a sense of belonging, confidence and ownership among our team. There is also a huge sense of pride in seeing a product that we have made, be consumed and enjoyed by customers in international retail outlets.

Creating a Tropical Fruit Economy

awani-farmer-tamarilloOur fruit comes from Bali’s farms and orchards where we work with local communities to preserve traditional methods of sustainable farming that enables them to grow superior produce with a high value. This way of life is being eroded rapidly by new development and the promise of fast monetary returns. We encourage local farmers to grow fruit, creating a market where none existed before. We work with several key Balinese farmers who understand the importance of and are dedicated to preserving the local farming tradition, while ensuring that farmers can earn a decent and fair living from their work.

Managing Change in Bali

awani-offering-on-roadThe Bali of today bears little resemblance to the tropical island paradise experienced by early travellers. To wish for a return to the past and a simple farming life, is as unrealistic in Bali as it is in other developing countries.

Our focus is to manage our environment and the Awani community as best we can in the face of these changes, trying to create an economy in fruit to preserve traditional farming practices, and equip local staff with the skills and confidence needed to engage with the developed, commercial world whilst continuing to celebrate the wonderful and exquisite culture that is at the core of being Balinese.