Using Awani Preserves

Enjoy our fine preserves at breakfast with a basket of fresh bread, at teatime with hot toast and scones, or after dinner to accompany cheese and biscuits.

Our jams, marmalades and jellies can be enjoyed as you would enjoy any traditional fruit preserve or chutney or relish.

All our jams and marmalades can be eaten with bread or toast for breakfast. Our soft, fragrant single fruit jams, mango and pink guava, are wonderful with buttery breads like croissant or brioche for breakfast.

Our lime marmalade is great on a robust sourdough or rye bread, and our ginger blends – pineapple jam with fresh young ginger and lime marmalade with fresh young ginger, are deliciously punchy, the lime in particular providing a vigorous wake up call to the tastebuds in the morning.

But breakfast is only the start. Our tropical fruit flavours are versatile enough to be used in both conventional and less conventional ways, as far as imagination and the desire to experiment will take them.

We are often asked whether our tamarillo jam is a chutney; flavourwise it is sweet sour, from the tomato family and sits on the border of sweet savoury. It goes brilliantly with stilton, or a soft goats cheese.

Our tangerine marmalade has been made into a dill and tangerine sauce to accompany a pan fried snapper. Lime or lime ginger marmalade are an unusual substitute for Seville orange marmalade in baked apples. Tamarillo jam has also been served together with a herb stuffing for a pork loin dish. And we discovered that a buyer from one store had started to use pineapple jam with fresh young ginger to make a stir fry (sweet, sour, spicy – that made sense).

These developments make us very excited at the possibilities of how Awani products can be used. We are compiling a list of recipes and welcome new suggestions for consuming our tropical fruit flavours as our customers find new ways of enjoying them.

Awani Bali | Using Awani Preserves - Tropical Recipes to Brighten Meals
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