We Value Provenance

We place great importance on provenance, sourcing the best and ripest tropical fruit from the Indonesian archipelago and working closely with farmers to buy the best quality tropical fruit for our jams. Our farmers pick fruit late for us, ensuring that we are working with the ripest, sweetest, freshest fruit. Each delivery of tropical fruit that arrives at our kitchen is carefully sorted and the fruit selected by hand. That is how we maintain the delicious flavours of real tropical fruit in our jams. We are able to trace the source of fruit for every single jar of preserves that we make. 

Supporting Farmers

We are one of the largest purchasers of tropical fruit in Bali. This enables us to work closely with our farmer suppliers, buy from them directly and support them in sustainable farming initiatives. We encourage local farmers to grow fruit, creating a market where none existed before. We work with several key Balinese farmers who understand the importance of and are dedicated to preserving the local farming tradition, while ensuring that farmers can earn a decent and fair living from their work.

Sustainable Farming

Our fruit comes from farms, orchards and family small holdings across Bali and other Indonesian islands. We work with local communities to preserve traditional methods of sustainable farming that enables them to grow superior produce with a high value which we buy. Farming as a way of life is being eroded rapidly by new urban development in Bali’s changing economy. We encourage local farmers to grow fruit, creating a market where none existed before, and we have built up a network of independent farmer suppliers in Bali.