Our Kitchen

100% Handmade

Every jar of Awani Bali jam and marmalade is handmade, from the preparation of the fruit, to cooking, to bottling and labelling. We sort through each piece of fruit by hand, to ensure quality control of the intense, fragrant fruity flavours in our jams, marmalades and jellies.

As soon as a new batch of fruit arrives, we immediately peel, cut and prepare the fruit for cooking, capturing the best flavours possible from this late picked tropical fruit.

All our tropical fruit preserves are entirely natural and preservative free.

Cooking with Care

The flavours of  tropical fruit are delicate and easily lost through overcooking.  At the Awani kitchen, the fruit is carefully cooked in small, open pan batches, entirely by hand, to maintain their delicate flavours and fragrance. This treatment distinguishes our tropical fruit preserves from those found in temperate climates.

We bring out the best flavour by using the inherent characteristics of the fruit itself, and balancing those flavours with natural cane sugar, lime juice and fruit pectin to achieve the optimal consistency.

Skilled Balinese Hands

Hand processing takes time, skill and attention to detail, something at which the Balinese excel. In the tradition of creating something of beauty by hand, we make each jar of jam with care. Our label and packaging designs are inspired by the wonderful aesthetic of Balinese artistry and culture.

We try to take the spirit of important cultural icons or traditions and update them while adhering to the Balinese axiom of doing everything with care, aesthetic consideration and attention to detail.

Our Tropical Kitchen

Our Balinese kitchen sits in the grounds of a beautiful little farm, a typical example of a Balinese mixed farm, self-sustaining with many different types of fascinating exotic fruit as well as spectacular orchids and heliconia that grow wild in Indonesia.

We have converted a traditional Balinese eight-pillar wooden building into a spacious, modern kitchen while maintaining the spirit of the original structure. The exterior wood and red brick features of the original building remain, but by updating the interior, we have strictly applied international standards of production and hygiene.

Volcanic Highlands

We are close to volcanic lakes and we are surrounded by papayas, pineapples, cacao trees and coffee bushes. Being in the highlands, during the summer months, we escape the all encompassing humidity experienced on the coast.

However, in “winter” from May to September, often the air sometimes becomes so cool in the early morning and evenings that our staff put on their woollies to come to work wearing hat, scarf and gloves as the temperature plunges to an arctic 20 degrees!