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An Exotic Fruit Adventure 28g x4


We call this wonderful set of tropical fruit flavours an Adventure because it is a discovery of the true flavours of some of Indonesia’s best tropical fruit. At Awani, we only use the freshest, ripest fruit in our jams marmalades and jellies. The flavours are fruity, intense and fragrant. Treat yourself or a friend to this mouth-watering taste experience!

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Wake up to a sumptuous breakfast amidst lush, tropical foliage, add a pleasurable, exotic twist to your afternoon tea with scones and cream. Create intriguing sundowners or cheese pairings with our vibrant and intensely fragrant tropical fruit flavours. Take yourself to Bali and let your foodie imagination go wild!


Pink Guava Preserve

Pink guavas emit a tantalising, musky aroma that can only be described as seductive

Delicious on butter croissant or with yoghurt

Awards: Great Taste Awards 2015 – 1 Star


Tamarillo Conserve

Ripe tamarillo is inherently sour, with rich undertones of berry flavours and passion fruit

Enjoy with a blue cheese or roast pork

Awards: Editors’ Choice at the Harrogate Fine Food Show (Guild of Fine Food) 2015


Guava Passionfruit Jelly

A light and exotic jelly, with wild purple passionfruit. Exquisite on the palate and in aroma

Spoon onto pancakes

Awards: Great Taste Awards 2016 – 1 Star


Strawberry Kaffir Lime Conserve

A startling and wonderful infusion of fruity strawberries, augmented by a burst of kaffir lime

Eat with sugee cake or chocalate mousse


Award Roundels:  Great Taste Producer

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