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Traditionalist or Adventurer? 10 Luxury Fruit Condiments for Asian Comfort Food

Diana Lai matchmakes Awani tropical flavours with Peranakan Heritage (and Other) Food If you grew up in Singapore or Malaysia, luxury food condiments simply meant those with the best flavour that your family would always eat with favourite food or snacks. As such, any self respecting person would know exactly which condiment should traditionally accompany […]

How 5 People Helped Create the Bali of Today: The History of Tourism in Bali

Tourism is big business in Bali and it’s easy to look at the influx of tourists and see it as ruining and eroding the authentic traditions of the Balinese. But did you know that many of the traditions are only so widely known and possibly only survived because of tourism? In this article, we explore the history of tourism in Bali, and how the Balinese being such natural artisans have helped create the Bali we love today.

Authentic Bali Souvenirs – 9 Unique Ideas for Gifts & Where To Find Them

Our guide to Bali’s best souvenirs and gifts includes unique and handcrafted items that you simply will never find in mainstream Bali gift stores. Our list of shops and locations will make your trip to buy a gift an experience you will never forget, whether you are looking for gift ideas and suggestions, a guide to unique Bali souvenirs or you just want to experience visiting the hidden away artisans of the archipelago, then this guide is for you.