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A Tropical Citrus Marmalade Basket 98g x3


Surprise the marmalade lover in your life with this gorgeous gift of award winning tropical fruit conserves.

A sumptuous gift of exotic citrus marmalades in a beautiful hamper with 3 exquisite batik napkins, 3 wooden spoons, 1 hand-woven basket and 3 award winning tropical fruit conserves.

We work with the freshest ripest tropical fruit from the Indonesian archipelago and coax the best flavours from the fruit at our kitchen in Bali’s volcanic highlands.

Our packaging is ethical and sustainable. The beautiful Balinese baskets and batik textile napkins in this gift set can be re-used after opening. The batik can be used as table napkins (or handkerchiefs) and the basket for crackers, or bread or as a container for other items.


Product Information


The perfect gift for a marmalade lover with an adventurous palate.

Your hamper comes with beautiful, ethically produced hand-printed batik napkins, wooden spoons and a bamboo basket. Awani designs these items in-house (your napkin pattern is a passionfruit flower) and we work with skilled craftspeople in Bali to make the batik and baskets in time honoured tradition. The Balinese are famed for creating everyday functional items of beauty and simplicity. We make our products in the same spirit with skill, attention to detail and a strong instinct for loveliness!

Here are descriptions of each of the tropical fruit marmalades in this set.


Balinese Tangerine Marmalade

Awani’s Balinese tangerine marmalade has a surprising and gentle citrus character. Delicate tangerine flavours unfold above a dense, bittersweet base, a “lady” marmalade. This tropical tangerine has a shiny green and orange skin. The Balinese eat them everyday and the fruit is also used to make a delicious, subtle and refreshing tangerine juice.

Devour with a creamy brie, or use as filling in a buttercream and sponge cake for an English/Balinese afternoon tea.

Awards: Dalemain World Marmalade Awards 2016, Bronze.


Lime Marmalade with Fresh Ginger

The vibrant flavours of tropical lime blend with the heat and fragrance of young ginger to create a subtle, “layered” taste experience where lime evolves into warm ginger flavours. It’s a sublime transition, bringing together a taste from the east and a tradition from the west.

This marmalade pairs perfectly with a goats milk cheese like Tomme de Chevre and gives a caramelized baked apple a fresh dimension.

Awards: Gold Award at Dalemain World Marmalade Awards 2016; 1 star at Great Taste Awards 2015


Lime Marmalade with Guava

This special marmalade brings together east and west. The depth of flavour will remind your palate of the rich flavours of a traditional Seville orange marmalade. The difference is the tropical highlights of lime and guava giving the flavour profile a distinctly south east Asian twist.

This marmalade is delicious on hot buttery toast and pairs well with gouda cheese

Awards: Great Taste Awards 2016, 1 star




Made from:

Tropical Fruit Preserves

All flavours are gluten free and vegan

Balinese tangerine (40%), raw cane sugar, lime juice, citrus pectin. Total sugar content including natural fruit sugars 58g per 100g.

Tropical lime (30%), fresh ginger, raw cane sugar, citrus pectin. Total sugar content including natural fruit sugars 58g per 100g.

Lime (30%), guava (5%), raw cane sugar, citrus pectin. Prepared with 35g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content including natural fruit sugars 58g per 100g.

Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 months.


1 Basket

Basket size                   14cm x 14cm

3 Tropical Fruit Preserves

Each jar contains 98g of preserve

3 Batik Napkins

Napkin size

3 Wooden Spoons

Total weight                   625g







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