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Tropical Citrus for Marmalade Lovers 28g x3


These tropical citrus preserves are called marmalades because they are made with the juice and and the peel of a citrus fruit. Traditional marmalades originate in Scotland in the UK, made with oranges and lemons. In Bali, we have used jeruk nipis (lime) and sumaga (Balinese tangerine) to create a set of special tropical citrus marmalades that are fragrant, bittersweet and very delicious.




Product Information


Our tropical citrus fruit preserves are made in the tradition of English marmalades, yet are distinct, combining the fragrance of fresh tropical citrus fruit with finely hand cut rind to create delicate and intense bittersweet flavours.

Balinese Tangerine Marmalade

A distinct, soft “lady” tangerine citrus, with sensational, subtle, bittersweet flavours

Perfect with brie cheese or smoked mackerel pate

Awards: Dalemain World Marmalade Awards 2019 – Silver


Lime Marmalade with Ginger

Tropical lime blends with spicy young ginger creating a pleasurable layering of flavours

Delicious paired with goat’s cheese

Awards: Dalemain World Marmalade Awards 2016 – Gold
Great Taste Awards 2015 – 1 Star


Lime Marmalade with Guava

A full flavoured bittersweet marmalade, golden and musky, with the fragrance of guava and tropical lime

Spread on butter toast or serve with fried chicken

Awards: Dalemain World Marmalade Awards 2018 – Silver


Award Roundels:  Great Taste Producer


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