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Tropical Fruit Garden Selection 28g x3


Awani’s tropical fruit preserves are known for the real flavours of tropical fruit. In this attractive gift set, there are 3 fruit flavours that everyone will recognise and enjoy. We use the ripest harum manis mangos in our mango jam, fragrant sumaga in our Balinese tangerine marmalade and our strawberry jam is fruity and packed with the flavour of the best Balinese mountain strawberries.




Product Information


Discover the delicious flavours of real tropical fruit as if you are tasting them freshly picked from the lush, fertile terrain of the Indonesian archipelago. Here, our tropical fruit grows profusely, nurtured by intense sun and rain and the nourishment of rich, volcanic soil.


Mango Conserve

The fragrance of tropical mango is almost perfumed, its texture smooth and rich, like butter

Gorgeous on a buttery croissant

Awards: Great Taste Awards 2015 – 1 Star


Balinese Tangerine Marmalade

A distinct, soft “lady” tangerine citrus, with sensational, subtle, bittersweet flavours

Perfect with brie or smoked mackerel pate

Awards: Dalemain World Marmalade Awards 2019 – Silver


Balinese Mountain Strawberry Conserve

Rich and fruity jam made with late-picked strawberries from Bali’s misty, volcanic highlands

Eat on scones with cream for high tea


Award Roundels: Great Taste Producer

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