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Tropical Single Blossom Honey Selection 31g x3


Each honey in this selection is a single blossom honey. This classification means that more than 80% of the collected pollen originates from one type of flower.  The flavour profiles of these honeys are clean and distinctive, reflecting the singular blossom from which they are created. Our honey is entirely natural, unpasteurised, which means it contains health-giving properties of bee pollen and propolis.



Product Information


The geography of Indonesia creates unique conditions for Apis Mellifera bees to produce a remarkable range of natural raw honey. Our volcanic terrain is home to a myriad of flora that grows at different altitudes resulting in a huge variety of honey with diverse characteristics of flavour, viscosity and colour.

Our selection of 3 single blossom honeys is unique in this year’s harvest by our bee community in East Java. Fresh, light, citrus, or caramel tones characterise our honeys.



Eucalyptus leaves are rich in medicinal oils and the flowers are abundant in nectar. Taste: woody scents and floral notes



The nut of the cashew is nutritious, packed with protein and essential minerals.

Taste: fragrant with a light caramelisation



This rosewood honey has a frothy layer created by air bubbles with pollen. Taste: nutty, earthy with a light sweetness





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